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A superb singer-songwriter split between Cambridgeshire and London, I’ve been really enjoying this!
— Tom Simkins, BBC Introducing in Cambridgeshire
The new track is upbeat acoustic-driven folk-pop with cinematic bridges and choruses, it’s so uplifting it can bring anyone out of a funk.
— It's All Indie
In a landscape of overproduced, underwritten flavors of the week, BAILEY provides a profound respite in simply good music. A melody, a story, and a voice that would make Matt Bellamy jealous are the apparent secret formula for the next best thing - a formula Joe Bailey and producer Ian Curnow seem to have perfected.
— Stereo Stickman


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Joe Bailey (Guitar/Vocals/Keys)

There’s no roadmap in life, Joe Bailey will be the first to tell you that. When he started writing under the moniker, BAILEY, he initially envisioned the songs with a full band. Little did he know it would morph into a full-fledged solo project.

“It was a blessing in disguise”. That’s how he describes the initial struggle of trying to form a 3-4-piece band, but ultimately failing due to other member's schedules. This left Joe to begin steering the helm on his own. What at first seemed like an unfortunate circumstance turned into a serendipitous situation: an ongoing collaboration with producer Ian Curnow (Talk Talk) was burgeoning, and the BAILEY sound was headed in a new direction.

“We started stripping down these new songs that I’d written. My sound had evolved into a vocally-driven, folk pop kind of thing. Suddenly, there were no limits”

Vocally reminiscent of Radiohead and Muse, BAILEY takes his love of David Bowie and all things alternative, and fuses them with big, singalong choruses. At its core, this project is about experimentation, carving its own path out of today’s vast musical landscape. London-based BAILEY's focus is to start putting out new material regularly in the coming months, and with nearly two albums worth of material already written, he is spoilt for choice.


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