Treacles! A lot of you have been asking where you can find physical copies of our debut EP, Bloom. Well, you have been heard! Behold: you can now purchase your very own hard copy of the 5-track disk via my BandCamp page (link below). It comes in a stunning gatefold card case, complete with artwork by the marvelous Ben Curnow.. all for a measly £5 (plus P&P!).

Get them quick though, we're currently limited to 100 copies! 

So get yours now:

Have a lovely day! :)

~Joe B x

ANNOUNCING: It's My Life [EP] + Track Listing

Hello again, treacles! I'm thrilled to finally be able to tell you this: There's a new EP coming. It's called "It's My Life". And it will be available worldwide on iTunes on March 25th!

However, there's a story behind the 2nd HARDACTORS offering:

As you may or may not already know: last year, on November 25th, 2015, HARDACTORS were invited to perform at London's The Clapham Grand to kick off "The Spirit of Talk Talk" - a unique, sold-out show celebrating the career of the mysterious 1980s Art band, Talk Talk. This was such a privilege (and also a bit of a challenge) because I'm a big fan! 

I was joined on stage by my former band-mate, Alfie Waike-Pawsey, as well as my current manager, Harry Moore, and we hadn't come empty-handed. In the space of a half-hour slot, we morphed our song, "Dig Your Heels" into an equally raucous rendition of Talk Talk's, "Such A Shame"; brought it all down in the middle for a melancholy take on "It's My Life", ALL before wrapping it all up with a more rocked-up 'Dum Dum Girl'.

Well, you'll never guess it, but, it's those 3 reworkings that make up this unorthodox follow-up to last year's "Bloom" EP.

Here's the track listing: 

1.Such A Shame

2.It's My Life

3.Dum Dum Girl

As usual, thank YOU so much for your patience! I promise I'll get you a preview soon... 


Welcome to our new site

Hello treacles,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! How was it for you?

For HARDACTORS, 2015 was a jam-packed year of gigging, writing, line-up changes, re-writing.. even more gigging... oh, and (maybe) some recording too. So what's in store for 2016? Well let's just say we have a plan, oh yes - NEWS is coming!!

In the meantime, you can grab our debut EP, 'Bloom' to see you through (link's on the homepage).

Thank you for the support.

Love to you all,

Joe & Harry